Are you getting ready to move a house full of antique furniture? These heirlooms are certainly an important part of your home and family history, which means they require plenty of care during transport. Without the right planning and preparation, you may end up with damaged real estate and furniture.

That’s why many homeowners turn to a Cincinnati and Northern KY moving company to take care of moving their antique furniture. If you are looking at movers, you might want to learn more about how they pack and transport antique furniture to ensure you find the best team for the job.

Why Do Movers Pad Wrap Furniture?

Two of the most common and simplest forms of furniture protection are moving blankets and pads. It’s easy enough to throw a moving blanket over your table or chair before carrying it out of the house for a little extra protection. These blankets may be kept loose or secured around an object with tape or rope. 

Moving blankets and pads are ideal for:

  • Keeping furniture from scratching walls, floors, and doorways
  • Preventing scratches to old or delicate furniture finishes
  • Keeping dust and grime from getting onto furniture during transport

What Are the Benefits of Plastic Wrapping Furniture?

You may also see the movers using a lot of plastic wrap to secure antique furniture before a move. Thin plastic sheeting won’t provide much cushion, but it does keep moving parts in place. It’s great for keeping desk drawers from popping out or keep disassembled table legs together during transit.

What are some kinds of furniture that your movers will wrap in plastic?

  • China Cabinets
  • Bedroom Sets
  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Armoires
  • Bureaus
  • Canopy Beds
  • Desks
  • Credenzas

Why Get Antique Furniture Custom Crated?

If you are in the midst of a long-distance move, custom crating of valuable or delicate furniture may be the best option. These wooden crates are built to the exact dimensions of each item from sturdy wood planks and panels. The piece is placed inside with extra ‘fill’ material like foam peanuts or straw and the crate is nailed shut.

Custom crating is perfect for:

  • Situations where items will change multiple hands, i.e., long-distance moves.
  • Preventing damage from falls or heavier items being placed on top of the fragile peace.
  • To keep delicate furniture from jostling around too much during the trip.
  • To make it easier for the movers to carry an unusual or awkward piece of furniture.

Nelson Markesbery Moving offers local and long-distance moving of antique furniture. We’ll help you break down furniture, pack antiques, and get custom crating of fragile items. Our company can even arrange short- or long-term storage of your belongings. 

If you are interested in getting a free quote for moving antique furniture, reach out to Nelson Markesbery Moving in Cincinnati and Northern KY. Our movers are just a call away. You can also fill out our online form to have us contact you.