Planning a long distance move? The best advice you can get about how to enjoy a stress-free relocation is to hire a reliable Cincinnati long distance moving company with a solid reputation for keeping its promises and providing excellent service from start to finish! That’s what Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage has done since 1916, and we’ve earned the trust of customers throughout the area. Keep reading for some long-distance moving tips from our experienced relocation specialists.

Reserve Your Moving Date Well in Advance

What could be more frustrating than researching moving companies only to find out that your top choice is fully booked on your moving dates? Avoid that frustration by reserving your preferred movers as soon as possible. This is especially important during the summer months when many moving companies are at their busiest. Once you have your date, make your first call to reserve your mover.

Choosing a Mover You Can Trust

When hiring a moving company, you have to trust them with everything you own, so it’s important to know a bit about the company you hire. Reading customer reviews is a great way to get an idea of the kind of service you can expect. Also, try and select a company affiliated with a well-known van line, such as Allied Van Lines. This affiliation means the company is properly licensed to complete interstate moves. If your moving company does not have such an affiliation, be sure to verify that they hold such licenses.

Coordinating Dates to Avoid Hassles

If you’ve never completed a long distance move before, you might not know that there is more to it than packing and hauling. One of the most important jobs of a relocation coordinator is to make sure that dates line up in such a way as to avoid hassles. For example, if there will be a few days lag between when you leave your current home and can move into your new home, you’ll need to arrange for storage for your belongings. Make sure your moving company will be able to accommodate such needs.

Protecting Your Belongings

Even if you hire a moving company with a flawless record, it’s a good idea to make sure your belongings are protected in case of damage. By law, moving companies must provide basic coverage, called Release Value Protection, at no cost. The protection is based on the weight rather than the value of the items. Full Value Protection, which may be available for an additional charge, provides the full replacement value of lost or damaged items. Offerings differ between companies, so be sure to ask about available coverage.

What to Move Yourself and What to Leave Behind

Moving is a great time to downsize. It makes no sense to pay to move clothes you no longer wear or furniture you no longer love. Instead, sell or donate unwanted items ahead of the move. This allows you to get a fresh start in your new home without excess baggage and save on your moving costs. Another way to trim expenses is by moving smaller valuable items with you. By moving jewelry, precious metals, and other items yourself, you won’t need Full Value Protection coverage for those items.

Cincinnati’s Trusted Long-Distance Movers

Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage offers full-service, highly-reviewed moving services. As an Allied Van Lines agent, we have access to moving professionals around the country. Count on us for professional packing, custom crating, storage, and more. Call our Cincinnati long distance movers today to learn more or fill out our online form now to schedule a consultation.