Owning and operating a business can be expensive. High business tax rates and high employee turnover rates can cause unneeded stress on your business. As a result, states such as Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina have become increasingly popular for business owners. Not only do businesses in these states have lower tax burdens, but they also have larger applicant pools and more loyal employees.

If you are considering relocating your business. the Cincinnati commercial movers at Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage can make your transition as seamless as possible. Our team of Cincinnati office movers can handle any commercial move's logistics-- regardless of distance or company size.

Benefits of Relocating Your Cincinnati Business

There are two main reasons business owners should consider relocating their Cincinnati businesses:

  1. To Lower Your Income Taxes
  2. To Retain and Attract Employees

Lower the Tax Burden for Both Your Business and Employees

According to taxfoundation.org, the business tax climate in Ohio is the 39th worst in the United States. Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina are among the best. They are ranked 4th, 7th, and 10th, respectively. Florida has a corporate tax rank of 6 and an individual income tax rank of 1, while Nevada's ranks are 25 and 5, and North Carolina's ranks are 4 and 16. In all three of these states, businesses and employees can keep more of their hard-earned money than they can in Ohio.

Use the Climate to Your Advantage to Keep and Gain Employees

Businesses need talented employees to stay running and to be successful. The warmer climates of Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina provide nice weather all year round, leading to population growth in these areas. While the beaches in Florida and North Carolina are popular tourist attractions, they are also attractive to individuals who enjoy being outdoors all year round. Nevada, too, is a popular place for outdoor enthusiasts to call home all year round. Areas such as Carson City, Lake Tahoe, and Lake Mead are popular in the warm weather available all year round, while skiing is popular in the mountains during the winter.

With populations booming in these states, businesses can benefit from these large applicant pools. The warm weather also makes retaining employees easier.

Comprehensive Commercial Moving Services for a Seamless Relocation

Our Cincinnati business movers offer comprehensive commercial moving services that are customizable and affordable. No matter your budget or your company's size, we offer the best solution to fit your needs. In addition, to minimize the downtime of your company, we offer the following services to make your relocation as efficient as possible:

  • Personalized Move Management and Logistics
  • Office Furniture Moving
  • Office Electronics Moving
  • Fine Art and Sculpture Moving
  • Modular Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly
  • Labeling and Coding of Your Items
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Warehouse Storage Options

Professional Employee Relocation Services for Your Ease

At Nelson Markesbery, we offer professional employee relocation services to help make the transition as hassle-free as possible for you and your employees. We can coordinate with the Human Resources departments of larger companies to coordinate the moves of all the employees. With smaller companies, we can work one-on-one with each employee to manage their entire move.

As a partner of Allied Van Lines, our residential moving services offer nationwide moving services for your employees, including:

  • Affordable Packing Supplies
  • Full-Service or Partial Packing Options
  • Padding and Wrapping of Furniture to Prevent Damage
  • Custom Crating of Fragile Items
  • Short-Term Storage Options

Contact Our Team Today for More Information About our Commercial Relocation Options

If you are considering relocating your company to a new state to ease your tax burden or retain or attract employees, the professional movers at Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage can help. Since 1916, we have provided superior relocation services to businesses throughout the Cincinnati area. Whether you need commercial relocation services or employee relocation options to ease your move, our BBB-accredited moving experts have affordable options for you.

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