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You might have heard of a USDOT number when researching moving companies.

While it might seem like a concern only for the movers, working with a business with an outdated or non-existent number can impact your move. 

What Is a USDOT Number? 

A USDOT number is the number given by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). This number is a unique identifier issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The USDOT number monitors commercial vehicles and their operators to ensure compliance with safety regulations, particularly those related to interstate commerce.

Any moving truck crossing a state line is required to have a USDOT number. It helps authorities keep track of the vehicle’s safety records, inspections, and compliance with various federal regulations. 

The USDOT number is often displayed on the vehicles themselves and is used for administrative purposes related to transportation safety.

Do All Moving Companies Need a USDOT Number?

Yes, if a moving company intends to do any long-distance or interstate moves, they must have a USDOT number. 

The USDOT number is a crucial identifier, showing that the moving company complies with federal regulations governing interstate transportation and adheres to safety standards set forth by the FMCSA.

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These standards include vehicle maintenance, driver qualifications, insurance requirements, and compliance with hours of service regulations, among others. It also indicates that the moving company passes regular inspections and audits.

If a moving company plans to operate across state lines or engage in interstate moves, obtaining a USDOT number is not only essential but also legally required.

What Happens if a Moving Company Doesn’t Have a Number? 

Generally speaking, if you hire a “long-distance” moving company without a USDOT number, they’ll either be unable to handle interstate moves or need to rent outside moving trucks with the required numbers. 

These rental trucks typically only hold around 7,000 lbs, which is unhelpful for moving a larger home. On the other hand, Nelson Markesbery is qualified for state-to-state moves and offers moving trucks as large as our 53-ft Air-Ride Trailer, which holds up to 25,000 lbs. 

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If a moving company offers moves across state lines without having the required USDOT number, it could face serious consequences. 

Here are some potential ramifications:

Legal penalties: Operating without a this number violates federal law. FMCSA can impose significant fines on non-compliant companies. 

Cease and desist orders: FMCSA has the authority to issue cease and desist orders to companies operating without a number. This order requires the company to stop interstate moves until they obtain the necessary registration.

Negative customer experience: Operating without proper registration may damage the company’s reputation. 

As a customer, you don’t want your move complicated by working with a moving company that doesn’t adhere to safety regulations and legal requirements.

Where Can I Find a Moving Company’s USDOT Number?

Nelson Markesbery’s number is U.S. DOT No. 076235, is at the bottom of our home page. If you’re in the Greater Cincinnati area, you might’ve also seen the number on our moving trucks! 

If you’re planning a move with our team, we’ll make sure you know your Rights and Responsibilities as a client and give you a comprehensive Moving Guide to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

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As you choose a moving company, look for a reliable company that openly shares information regarding their number.  

Here are the most common locations to find a moving company’s USDOT number:

  1. Company website: Reputable moving companies display their official number on their websites. Look in the footer, the “About Us” page, or the contact section.
  1. Vehicle signage: Moving trucks usually display their information on their vehicle. Look for the number on the moving truck’s doors, rear, or sides. 
  1. Documentation: This information may also be included in various documents provided by the moving company, such as estimates, contracts, invoices, or receipts. 
  1. Advertisements and marketing materials: Some moving companies include their number in their advertisements, brochures, and marketing materials to demonstrate their legitimacy and compliance with regulations.

Nelson Markesbery for Long Distance Moves 

For long-distance and state-to-state moves with a reputable company, call Nelson Markesbery at (859) 371-8111 or contact our team online for a free estimate and video quote.

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