Vehicle Moving & Storage

Commercial vehicle moving and storage is an excellent moving option if you have a fleet of corporate vehicles you need to move long distances. Transporting several vehicles hundreds of miles on a specialized carrier saves on the cost of fuel and prevents vehicle wear and tear. Our professional movers will take care of your fleet so you can focus on your core business needs as you relocate!

Moving All Types of Vehicles Any Distance

Your executive fleet is a vital part of your company. It’s important that you take care of those vehicles when your company relocates. Our professional movers will assess your exact needs and keep your vehicles safe during the move.

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Professional Vehicle Moving

Our certified, trained, and professional moving team can move your vehicles a long distance while keeping them secure. Need to store them as your business moves? We have a 50,000-square-foot facility to store your vehicles until you’re ready to move them. 

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Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage in Greater Cincinnati offers free estimates and video quotes. Contact us today for more details about our vehicle moving services.

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Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage specializes in long-distance moves. Our professional moving company takes care of your business by relocating or storing your vehicles safely and securely.

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