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Moving is stressful for everyone, and it presents several unique challenges. Your kids might be excited and nervous at the same time. 

Remember that whatever you and your family feel, your pets and furry family members are also experiencing it because they know that something’s up with all of the packing, shuffling, and emptying of rooms happening around them. 

In today’s blog, we give you six tips for your pets on moving day.

Keep Your Pets in Their Routine

As you and your family go through the moving process, your pets can see and feel what’s going on. Keep your pets in their routine as closely as possible. Walk your dogs at the same time every day. Feed your pets at the same time with their regular food. 

Don’t Pack Every Pet Toy

Leave one or two toys out for your pet to have during the move, like a favorite chew toy, blanket, squeaky toy, or plushie. You already know to keep the pet bed, pet containment (or cage) and the food bowls out.

Entertain Your Pets

Spend some fun time with your pets every day. Play with them, go on longer walks, frolic with them, and make sure they stay as happy as possible. Happy pets aren’t as stressful.

Talk to Your Vet

Discuss your pet with your veterinarian a few weeks before the move. Your vet can have relevant tips for the health of your pets, such as how to handle motion sickness (car sickness), get proper exercise, and more.

Isolate Pets on Moving Day

Keep your pets isolated in a separate room behind closed doors so they don’t get in the way of the movers or try to run out the front door. A back room is ideal. First, clean out the room before the movers arrive on moving day. Make sure you keep food and water in the room, as well as some toys. A well-ventilated cage also works for this.

Have Your Pets Travel With You

When possible, keep your pet with you in the car when you move. Pack food, bowls, blankets, and toys to keep in the car with you. Research pet-friendly hotels if you’re making a long-distance move.  

When you arrive at your new home, let your pets explore their new surroundings. Set up their pet bed in their dedicated room, and get them used to their new home.

Professional Movers in Cincinnati Who Care 

No matter the size or distance of your relocation, you can depend on our comprehensive services to accommodate your needs. To learn more about our residential moving services, contact us or call (859) 371-8111 for more information about Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage.

Recent Posts


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