How to Choose the Right Size Moving Truck

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If you’re embarking on a do-it-yourself move, you’re probably wondering what size of moving truck you’ll need


If it’s too big, your stuff slides around and risks getting damaged — too small, and you’ll need to rent another vehicle or make multiple moves. Let’s avoid that! 


There are a few ways to find out the right size for your move. 


Number of Bedrooms 

Most moving truck rental companies will list their truck sizes based on the number of bedrooms each one can hold. 


Remember: These are just estimates. They’re based on average furniture sizes for a given room. For instance, one bedroom may have a queen bed, nightstand, TV, desk, chair, and rug. 


If you happen to have packed a lot of furniture into your room, assume that you’ll need more space than what’s advertised. 


Cubic Feet 

A lot of online truck rental companies will categorize their trucks on cubic footage rather than the number of bedrooms. 


Measure your items and jot down their footage. Get an online calculator and start plugging in numbers to get a ballpark figure of where you’re at. Then, select the right truck size based on what you come out with. 


Remember: A good rule of thumb is to get a truck that allows for 150-200 cubic feet per fully furnished room. It’s a rough estimate, so remember to get a little more space — especially if you forgot to calculate outdoor items like porch furniture, propane grills, or bicycles. 


Rent a Moving Truck Myself or Hire a Moving Company? 

The pros of hiring a moving company:  

Hiring a professional moving staff takes enormous stress off your shoulders. 


A local, full-service moving company will cover it all, from finding the right moving gear and equipment to choosing the perfectly-sized moving truck.  


Full-service movers offer personalized concierge services (often a la carte). Some companies will go the extra mile to factor into account costly variables and strategically work to reduce your total expense: 

  • Required gas mileage 
  • Weight-bearing capacity 
  • Extra protection requirements for sensitive items (art, fine glassware, antique furniture).

On the other hand… 


DIY moves can sometimes be cheaper, sure, but you’re left with handling every logistical issue of your move alone. If you keep a busy schedule, it’s worth outsourcing to a group of experienced professionals to cover it. 


Get Full Service Moving Help in Greater Cincinnati 

Nelson Markesbery, as an Allied Van Lines affiliate, offers a personal moving coordinator to help you get from point A to point B easily. We’ll cover it all, from packing, storage, loading, and unloading. Call: (859) 371-8111.

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