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Planning a move is a big deal, whether you’re relocating down the street or across the country. Luckily, a move coordinator is a trained professional who makes moving easier for you and your family. 

Take a look at today’s blog from Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage, where we answer frequently asked questions about a Move Coordinator.

What does a Move Coordinator do?

Your dedicated move coordinator manages your entire relocation process, from the initial planning stages to when the truck pulls away from your destination.

When should I contact a Move Coordinator?

As soon as you know you’re moving. At Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage, we will assign you a dedicated move coordinator who serves as your main point of contact throughout your relocation.

How does my Move Coordinator contact me?

Your choice. Text message, email, phone, or even faxes. Our move coordinator can contact you any way you wish.

What type of planning does my Move Coordinator help with?

Your dedicated Move Coordinator’s first steps involve planning the move before we lift a single box.

Planning your move includes:

  • Setting up your packing and moving date.
  • Handling all paperwork and permits (if any) needed for your move.
  • Scheduling your delivery date.
  • Make sure your storage needs are met, if required.
  • Suggest any services you may need.
  • Plan the route the moving truck will take.

What does my Move Coordinator do on moving day?

Moving day is a big day for you, your family, or your business. As such, a move coordinator is very important.

On moving day, your dedicated Move Coordinator will:

  1. Manage workers moving your items in and out of your home or business.
  2. Help workers with moving items.
  3. Make sure fragile items are protected properly.
  4. Assist movers with heavy objects.
  5. Drive the moving truck.
  6. Answer any of your questions.
  7. Follow your instructions.

Who do I talk to with questions?

When you call Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage, a friendly associate will answer the phone. Call your Move Coordinator today at (859) 371-8111 with any questions, comments, or concerns about your move.

Does my Move Coordinator contact me after the move?

Yes, your dedicated Move Coordinator may follow up with you after your move. We’ll check in with you to make sure everyone settled in okay and that things went smoothly.

When do I get an assigned Move Coordinator?

After you agree to the quote. Your first point of contact is a Moving Consultant who handles the paperwork, quote, and contract details. A Moving Consultant will put you in touch with your Move Coordinator and leave the move in that person’s capable hands.

Who offers professional Move Coordinators in Greater Cincinnati?

Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage has a Move Coordinator for you! Contact us or call (859) 371-8111 for more information.

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