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Winter is typically not most people’s first choice for a time to move. This is because kids may be in school, the weather makes traveling more difficult, and the holidays are hectic.

While all of this is true, there are also many benefits to moving in the winter months. One of which is that your Cincinnati movers don’t get booked up months in advance, meaning that when you need to move they have a greater ability to accommodate your schedule if you require flexibility.

Today’s blog from Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage talks about some winter moving tips.

Buy a Dedicated Moving Planner

Get a moving planner/calendar for a list of reminders of things to do, such as changing for mailing address, transferring internet, cable, and utilities, and preparing for the move.

Typically, you want to plan for your move at least three to four months in advance. Keep this planner separate from your ordinary planner so you don’t miss any details.

Prepare for the Weather

Keep the weather in mind when getting ready to move in the winter. If it’s icy out, keep some salt around for the walkways, including the driveway. If it’s snowing or raining, we will shrink-wrap all your furniture to ensure everything stays dry during the move.

Lower the heat on move-in day. You’ll be opening and closing doors. There’s no point in running up the energy bill. Consider bringing a space heater and dedicating a ‘warm room’ for people to warmup in during breaks.

Leave Plenty of Drive Time (Drive Slower)

As always, take winter weather precautions when traveling in cold months. Keep an eye on the weather and monitor traffic reports and situations. Store extra blankets and supplies in the car in case of a breakdown.

Drive slowly in winter weather conditions, leaving at least an hour of extra time to arrive at your destination. Before you do, however, winterize your car (keep a full gas tank, adequate tire pressure, and winter tires). Long-distance moves might require extra driving time as conditions change.

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