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Cross-country moves can get expensive as well as stressful. It’s a lot to take on, especially if you are moving with a large family. Make sure your next cross-country move is made with ease by following these best practice steps.

1. Do Your Research First

Ask different moving companies for quotes. Different companies offer different services priced into their packages. Check online reviews and ask friends and family for tips on choosing the best moving company. Make a list, compare costs and check the various offers.

You might choose not to book a moving company. According to moving experts, there are other options available, like renting a portable container, should you choose to pursue them.

2. Does the Moving Company Service Include Insurance? 

You want to be protected against any unforeseen accidents or mishaps that leave your personal items damaged or lost. Make sure that your moving company offers insurance coverage for your items. 

There are two types of insurance coverage offered by moving companies: 

  1. Full Value Liability (full replacement) – the moving company must repair it, replace it with an item of equal value, or negotiate a cash compensation.
  2. Released Value Liability (partial compensation) – the moving company pays 60 cents per pound on each item affected.

3. Steps to Planning Your Cross-Country Move

Planning, preparation, and organization are everything when it comes to long-distance moving. Knowing exactly what you need and where you wish to put it is vital for making your move significantly less stressful.

Create a detailed outline. 

Make sure that you have a checklist of things that need to be packed, and sort it by priority or value. Labeling and even color coordinating your packages can help you know what must be packed where. It also makes unpacking far easier. 

Declutter your home.

Get as much cleaned up around the house as you can. The cleaner the working space, the easier it will be to undergo the time-intensive process of packing and sorting your belongings. 

Prioritize and systematize. 

You’ll have to take things one step at a time. Start a donation pile for things you know you no longer need. Put items that you’re not quite sure about into a separate box to address later. You don’t want to spend too much time in indecision.

Get additional help. 

Getting help from friends and family is great. But sometimes, you need a professional’s helping hand. The planning process for cross-country moves is, after all, a lengthy and convoluted one. 

That’s why at Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage, we provide a personal moving coordinator that oversees the day-to-day logistics of your move step by step. 

4. Outsource the Work

If you’re moving with the whole family, it can get chaotic. But having several extra sets of hands helps quite a bit. Teach your kids how to pack properly and make sure to pack your essential items last. Young grade school children can pack their own rooms. 

5. Take Breaks and Get Some Space

The boxes are piling up and the household items are scattered everywhere — a stressful scenario to say the least. Give yourself a break. Take a walk or do some recreational activity to get the whole process of moving off of your mind. Then, come back to it when you’re ready. 

6. Call Ahead to Change Your Utility Payments

You don’t want to unpack in the dark. Contact your utility company (2 weeks before moving) and ask them to shut off the power after your move date is complete and request that it be turned back on at your new apartment or house.

7. Document and Keep a Record of Your Items

Take photos of your belongings as you pack them to document their condition. If they break, you’ll have some evidence to prove it was due to mishandling during a move.

8. Keep Your Important Paperwork in a Secured, Easy-to-Access Bag

Cross-country moves are a big deal. You can’t just turn around and quickly grab something if you happen to forget it. Make sure you keep your most important paperwork and valuables in one place. This can include: 

  • Registration information 
  • Licenses
  • Marriage certificates

9. Eliminate Excess Weight for the Move

Cross-country moves are expensive, ranging upwards in the thousands of dollars; it’s not just due to gas and packaging, but due to the weight of the items. Moving companies take into account the weight of items as part of their price. 

Make sure you lower the weight and thereby the price you pay by doing the following:

  • Hold a garage sale 
  • Donate unnecessary items to charity 
  • Give items to friends or family 

10. Create an Unpacking Plan

Having a solid plan after the move is finished is just as important as planning it all out before you begin. Know what you want to unpack first and where it should be stored. This will save you a lot of time and get you back on track to normal day-to-day living. 

11. Choose the Right Moving Company to Meet Your Needs

After doing your research, selling off what isn’t necessary, and planning the ins and outs of your move, you’ll need professional help. Choosing the right moving company to help you is the most important decision when it comes to ensuring your move goes smoothly. 

Nelson Markesbery Offers Cross-Country Moving Services in Cincinnati

Our moving specialists at Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage Company offer you full-service moving help, spanning from logistics, storage, packaging, and shipping your items across multiple states. 

Learn more about our cross-country moving services, contact us, or call us at (859) 371-8111 for more information about Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage.

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