7 Summer Moving Tips for Long-Distance Moves

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Weather experts are saying that we’ve had one of the hottest summers in years, with average temperatures ranging upwards into the hundreds across the midwest.

If you’re thinking about moving homes in the summer season, you’ll need to prepare accordingly.

That’s why the Cincinnati-based Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage Company is here with some best-practice tips for long-distance moving in the hot, sweltering summer weather. 

1. Plan Ahead & Hire Ahead of Time

Just like any move, you need two things the most: organization and planning. Summertime is the high season for moving. It’s when moves are the most expensive. You’ll need to book your preferred moving company way ahead of time

If not, flex a little extra cash into your moving budget. Moving companies get booked up fast in the summer. If slots run out, you’ll be stuck with moving brokers who will offer you much higher prices. 

Prepare a moving checklist and try to reserve an early-morning slot with your preferred moving company. Mornings are a lot cooler and easier to move in. So you get to stay out of oppressive summer heat. 

2. Schedule Your Move on a Weekday (Mid-Week)

Summer is already a high-priced season for moving. But weekend moving will make it even more expensive. Moving companies charge a premium price to work on the weekend.

Schedule your move on a weekday to save money and avoid any dense weekend traffic.

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3. Stay Hydrated 

Needless to say, it’s hot…really hot. And even if it weren’t, moving apartments or homes can wear anyone out.

So stay hydrated!

Before you start your summer move, make sure you pack enough water or any electrolyte-dense drinks, like Gatorade, Powerade, or something else into a portable cooler bag. 

4. Protect Sensitive Electronics

All of your items should be carefully packed to avoid breaking inside of boxes or containers. But electronic items are incredibly sensitive to very hot and very cold temperatures. Take extra care. 

Pack electronics in a clearly-marked box, separate from other non-electronic items. Load them in last, or take them with you in your air-conditioned car or van instead. 

For other heat-sensitive items, including perishables, like food, drinks or certain pharmaceuticals and medications, you’ll need to pack them in a cool place. Do not place them in the back of a hot, cramped moving U-haul. 

5. Put on Sunscreen 

Wear sunscreen to protect yourself from getting burns near the tape of your neck, shoulders, arms, hands or knees when you’re running back and forth, in and out of the house and to the moving truck. 30 SPF or more is recommended. 

Don’t stop at sunscreen, you can also wear light, protective clothing to prevent UV rays from getting to you too much. 

6. Transfer Your Utilities 

Turn on air conditioning at your new place! You don’t want to show up and wait it out, drenched in sweat as you unload the moving truck.

Make sure you’ve called your utility company ahead of time to ensure your utilities have been transferred into your new home and turned off at your old home.

7. Take Extra Precautions for Children or Pets

Children should have extra snacks, sunscreen and clothing just in case. Depending on their age, get them involved and let them participate in the move (at least for their things in their room). 

As far as pets are concerned, make sure they’re kept to their regular routine and have toys to distract them as you move.

Talk to a vet beforehand and make sure no unexpected health issues come up in the middle of your move. Check for fleas or ticks — common in the summer.

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