Long-Distance Piano Moving in Cincinnati FAQs

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Long-distance piano moves are a difficult undertaking. For the piano’s safety and your own, you’ll need to know how to move your grand or upright piano successfully. 


In today’s post, Nelson Markesbery in Cincinnati, Ohio, answers some frequently asked questions about piano moving. 


Why get professional movers to ship your piano long-distance? 

Save the headache. Book a professional piano moving company.


Here’s why: 

Unlike local moves, long-distance moves require far more planning, organization, and logistics management. 


Add in a valuable, high-priced, and remarkably heavy musical instrument into the mix, and you get a difficult, high-risk scenario for you and your investment. 


How much do pianos weigh? 

Upright Piano: up to 800lbs

Grand Piano: up to 1000lbs

Spinet Piano: 200-300lbs

Organ Piano: 400-500lbs

Player Piano: 500-800lbs


How long does it take to move a piano?

The average piano move takes between 30-40 days. If it’s a cross-country move, it’ll take even longer. 


How much does it cost to move a piano? 

$100-$2,000 on average. 


Some piano moving companies charge a flat rate (based on piano type, distance, the complexity of the move, etc.), while others have an hourly rate. 


  • Local moves: $150 to $1,500. 
  • Long-distance: up to $5,000. 
  • Upright pianos: cheaper to move due to less weight and size. 
  • Grand pianos: more expensive, requiring more moving materials and resources. 


What factors impact the cost of moving a piano? 

  • Moving insurance. If a piano is valued over $5,000, it will need additional insurance coverage in the case of potential damages. 
  • Last-minute jobs. Not booking in advance will cost you. 
  • Complexity. If there are a lot of stairs, narrow turns, or difficult angles on multiple levels of a building, the moving charges will be more expensive. 


Why are piano movers so expensive?  

Piano moving services are expensive because they’re complex. They require special moving equipment, know-how, and strong movers to pull it off. For longer distance moves, be it state-to-state or cross-country, the price increases due to mileage costs. 


Can I move a piano by myself? 


Pianos are heavy and awkward, especially if there are stairs or uneven walkways involved. Hire a professional moving company to do it for you. If you decide to move it alone, you need at least three more people to do the job (4 total). 

Pianos require extra padding to be safely shipped cross-country. Because a piano is so heavy, its own weight can become a danger to itself (pushing down on the suspension components of a truck while in transit). 

If it’s not properly packed, there’s more stress put on the truck. Any bumps in the road will lead to fractures and breaks on the piano. Proper loading avoids this. 


What do you need to move a piano? 

  • Strong back 
  • Attention to the surrounding environment 
  • Careful planning 
  • Specialty moving equipment 


Our moving specialists have the qualities and qualifications to move your instrument safely and efficiently, whether it’s a local move or a cross-country interstate move. 


Why is piano moving difficult? 

Packing and unloading these valuable instruments is the hardest part of the process. The heavy lifting involved makes it not only difficult but dangerous. 


How can Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage help move my piano? 

Once your piano is securely and professionally packed onto the moving truck, ensuring that no shifting or damage occurs during transportation, the rest of the process is easy and straightforward. 


We offer insurance coverage: 

  • Workers 
  • Property 
  • Piano 


Tip: Always inspect your contract or bill of lading to fully understand reimbursement and repair policies. 


We offer safety equipment like:

  • piano dollies
  • tying straps
  • moving blankets and padding 
  • piano boards


Piano crating services: 

Among our specialty moving services are crating services. Our team can crate your piano for additional safety, just like we do gun safes, pinball machines, and sculptures. 


Dismantling (required for grand pianos) is around $100, and crating is another $800


Rather than ship through us, you have the option to choose your crate through a large-item delivery service. 


Show some discernment before making your choice. Since it’s out of our hands at this point, there’s no guarantee that the shipping company will handle your instrument well. 


Hire Professional Piano Moving Services in Cincinnati

Nelson Markesbery is an Allied Van Lines affiliate with years of experience delivering concierge moving services for clients interested in local or long-distance moving. Call us today for a FREE quote: (859) 371-8111.

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