What is a Custom Crating Service?

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Professional packing and moving services are pretty straightforward. Been there, done that. But unique items require specialty moving services.

You might have to relocate a sports car, move a gun safe, or transfer a grand piano — In other words, anything that isn’t a standard household item.  

Specialty moves include what’s called crating services: the use of large, often wooden, crates to protect and transfer your belongings

Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage in Cincinnati, Ohio, an Allied Van Lines affiliate, gives some details about custom crating services.

Here’s the #1 Thing You Need to Know: 

If you need additional protection for high-value items that aren’t safe to toss into the back of a moving van or U-haul, custom crating services are the perfect solution. 

What is a Crating Service? 

To “crate” something is to put an item into a large crate and seal it shut with nails. It provides an air-tight area that protects fragile items (art pieces) against oxidation. 

The hard wooden outer covering provides ample protection against the elements and any potential damages that could occur during transportation. 

It’s often an expensive service. The price depends on the size of the crate, the weight of the item being moved, and the type of crate.

These parameters can be customized with turnkey moving services from an Allied Affiliate.

What types of crates are there? 

  • Wood: often plywood or lumber, which is chemical and moisture-resistant 
  • Plastic: foldable, nestable, stackable, or rigid plastic crates that are lightweight
  • Metal: heavy-duty crating for machinery or other large, high-value items. 

Custom crating moves exceptionally valuable possessions:

  • High-end artwork, like paintings, sculptures, and glass model replicas
  • Collector’s items that are worth thousands of dollars 
  • High-priced, vintage wine bottles 
  • A luxury motorcycle or moped that’s too valuable to transport with a tow
  • Precious chandeliers
  • Expensive, fragile materials made of marble or glass

Should I Use Custom Crating Services? 

For most moves, no, you shouldn’t. Stick to standard packaging and moving services. 

HOWEVER…There are exceptions

  • Do you have HIGHLY EXPENSIVE possessions? 
  • Do you lack the manpower or time to pack heavy furniture or large items?

Is the answer yes? Then you should purchase custom crating services. 

How Much Does Custom Crating Cost? 

The prices vary depending on your moving company. Like all moves, it depends on the size and weight of the item. 

On a great deal, expect to pay out $70-$80 per crate. The size and material quality of the crate will determine how much you pay. 

What’s Offered with Nelson Markesbery Crating Services? 

Unlike many competitors, our business is affiliated with Allied Van Lines and has a network of resources that add even more value to your crating service purchase.  

  • White-glove residential and business pickup. 
  • High-quality protective packaging using wraps, cushioning, and foams. 
  • Tailored packing process depending on the material and item size. 
  • Moisture-barrier bagging for water protection during shipping.
  • Double- and tri-wall corrugated container shipments. 

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Crating Service Provider

Before you buy, ask the right questions! 

Any good crating service company will be able to answer these questions:

  • Is the crate built on-site or is it shipped?
  • What’s the rate on national shipping vs local or interstate?
  • Given weight and size, what will that add to my shipment costs? 
  • Do they offer a warranty or insurance? Is it a full replacement or partial? 
  • What quality packaging materials do they use for their crating service? 

Looking for Crating Services in Cincinnati Ohio? 

Tell us about your moving requirements and we’ll give you a cost-free estimate. Call us today for a free quote: (859) 371-8111.

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