5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to Cincinnati

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Whether you’re looking for local or long-distance moving help to or from Cincinnati, Ohio, it’s going to be one thing: stressful. With countless moving parts, mistakes can happen. 

Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage gives you five costly moving mistakes to avoid on your next big move! 

1. Not Enough Planning

Nowadays, moving homes isn’t so simple (was it ever?). There’s just too much to take into account: pets, children’s items, home office tools, and more. 

Just “winging it” isn’t an option. Cover as many bases as you can as soon as you can with a solid, well-thought-out moving plan. 

Get as much as you can in order at least 3 months before your actual move date. 

  • Get your new place move-in ready
  • Ask friends and family for help 
  • Pack and prepare the right moving supplies 
  • Make a master list of moving tasks (To Do’s checklist)

2. Not Researching Moving Companies or Moving Options

In the Tri-State Cincinnati area, there are countless moving companies to choose from. But without proper research, you might be shocked at the price you’re paying. 

Standard local moving prices are based on the number of hours it takes to move and drive to your new location. 

Check to see if there are enforced time minimums (including doubling drive and time charges) or extra charges for large items (furniture or office appliances). 

What to look for:

  • Cost options (do they charge by mileage, weight, fuel, or space used in the truck?)
  • Local vs. long-distance moving services 
  • Reviews/Reputation
  • Check for hidden fees in the moving contract

Schedule your move early! 

Do your due diligence; don’t put it off. Peak season occurs from April through October (when demand is high). Don’t pick a weekend. It’s more expensive. Schedule on a weekday in the middle of the month for the lowest possible moving price. 

3. Mislabeling or NOT Labeling Anything

Efficient packaging is the most critical part of your move. You have to make sure everything is packed safely (sufficient padding for fragile items) and is easy to locate. 

NOT using labels or mislabeling boxes is the most common mistake that most people make.

Accurate labels on your boxes don’t just make the moving easier, it makes unpacking and finding your most important things easier. 

Missing kitchen items. For example: not being able to find your kitchen cutlery and appliances might be your cue to order takeout (the cost can really add up). If it’s a cross-country, long-distance move, you might not have healthy food options available. 

Plan what kitchen or food items you’ll pack and what you’ll have readily available on the road.  

Spend extra time sorting, packing (from large to small items), and labeling your kitchen tools. That way, when you first get home, you can quickly unpack and prepare a meal.

4. Procrastination

Putting everything off till later is a BIG mistake. Even a small move out of a one-bedroom apartment involves a TON of factors. 

Answers to critical questions can’t be swept under the rug: 

  • Where are you going to trash large items? 
  • Who’s available to help you and when? 
  • What are you going to keep and discard? 
  • Is your new place ready to move in? 
  • If not, are you going to need temporary secured storage

Forgetting to set up utilities. 

You DO NOT want to show up to your new home with zero electricity, water, or internet to use. Call ahead and make sure it’s ready. Timing is everything, as it will prevent you from paying DOUBLE on your bills. 

It’s important to shut off existing accounts for utilities and set them up at your new address. 

List out all of the monthly payments you have and check them off one by one: 

  • Waste/Water 
  • Trash pickup 
  • Electricity 
  • Internet/Wifi
  • Phone/Cable TV

Neglecting to change your address. 

The postal service will forward your mail for free for a limited time (depending on the type of mail). You definitely want your sensitive mailing information to get to your new home. 

A new address is also important for completing other tasks like getting a new driver’s license, getting your Amazon orders shipped to you (and NOT a stranger), or updating your voter registration. 

So what’s the solution? The same as usual. Make a list and check it off.

5. Forgetting to Declutter and Donate

Set aside a few days to dedicate time to decluttering, sorting, and getting rid of things you no longer need. Holding onto old, ill-fitted clothing? Sell them or give them away to a Goodwill outlet. 

If you have perishable goods, donate them to your local food bank. Consider a yard sale (if time permits). 

Our friendly staff at Nelson Markesbery works with you to help you downsize or get rid of old belongings. Less stuff to move means real time and money saved on moving expenses.

How Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage Can Help 

As an affiliate of Allied Van Lines, we offer a personal moving coordinator that takes care of all the details and logistics. You don’t have to put the rest of your life on hold for your move. Contact us today for a free quote! 

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