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Moving can be challenging under the best circumstances, but when you add snowy and icy conditions into the mix, the difficulty level skyrockets. 

Winter weather presents unique challenges for anyone planning a move, from icy roads to keeping your belongings safe from the harsh cold.

The Nelson Markesbery team shares what to consider when moving in icy conditions and offers tips for a successful move.

Plan Ahead

The key to a successful winter move is planning. 

Start by monitoring the weather forecast well in advance. Stay flexible with your moving date, if possible, to avoid severe storms. If you have no choice but to move in extreme conditions, be prepared with the right equipment, supplies, and strategies.

Hire Professional Movers

When dealing with snowy and icy conditions, hiring professional movers is a wise decision. 

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The team at Nelson Markesbery is well-equipped to handle the challenges of winter moves. We have the proper equipment and the knowledge to navigate slippery roads and pack and protect your belongings against the cold.

Clear Driveways and Pathways

Before the movers arrive, it’s crucial to clear snow and ice from your driveway and pathways. This not only makes it safer for everyone involved but also helps to prevent damage to your items and property. 

Here are some tips for clearing snow and ice effectively:

  1. a. Use a snow shovel to clear the driveway and walkways. 
  2. b. Apply de-icing products to prevent ice buildup. 
  3. c. Sand or salt can provide traction on icy surfaces. 
  4. d. Remove snow and ice from stairs and entryways. 
  5. e. Ensure that all pathways are well-lit for safety.

Protect Your Belongings

Cold temperatures can have a detrimental effect on certain items, especially if they’re exposed to extreme cold for extended periods. 

Protect Your Belongings With These Guidelines

Electronics: Disconnect and pack sensitive electronics in temperature-controlled containers to prevent damage from the cold. 

Antique or delicate items: Store these in insulated boxes and consider using additional padding.

Musical instruments: Maintain a stable temperature for musical instruments and avoid subjecting them to sudden temperature changes.

Houseplants: Keep them warm and insulated during the move to prevent frost damage. 

Frozen or liquid items: Drain and empty any liquids from items like lawnmowers, snow blowers, and power tools to prevent freezing and damage.

Use Proper Packing Materials

When moving in icy weather, the right packing materials are essential. Consider materials like sturdy, durable boxes, thick enough to help the items inside withstand cold temperatures. 

With snow and ice, moisture is a concern. Materials like plastic bags, wraps, tarps, and blankets all work to cover items from cold and wet conditions. 

Keep an Emergency Kit Handy

Prepare an emergency kit for your move in case of unforeseen weather-related problems. The kit should include:

  • Extra clothing: Warm clothing, gloves, and extra socks are essential. 
  • Flashlight and batteries: If you encounter power outages or need additional lighting. 
  • Non-perishable food and water: Keep some snacks and water on hand in case of delays. 
  • First aid kit: Include essential medical supplies.

Keep Important Documents Safe

Remember to safeguard important documents during your winter move. Protect passports, birth certificates, financial records, and other critical paperwork from cold temperatures and moisture. 

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Place them in a waterproof container and keep them with you throughout the move.

Protect Your New Home

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, be mindful of protecting it from harsh winter weather. Take precautions, like placing floor mats at entryways to prevent snow and moisture from being tracked inside your home. Inside, cover your floors with cardboard or plastic sheeting to protect against mud and water. 

Finally, ensure the heating system is operational before moving in to keep the interior warm and comfortable for you and your belongings.

Communicate With Movers

Effective communication with your moving company is crucial. Keep us informed about any changes in your plans due to the weather, and discuss any specific requirements or concerns you may have about the move.

Call Nelson Markesbery For Help

Moving in icy conditions can be tricky, but with the right preparation, it can be done successfully. Get a FREE quote, or contact our team at (859) 371-8111 and

Remember to stay flexible and be prepared for unexpected challenges, and most importantly, prioritize safety for yourself, your belongings, and the people helping you with your move. 

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