6 Things to Consider When Relocating Your Family

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Moving by yourself can be hard enough, but when you need to consider the needs of your entire family, the situation can become tricky to navigate. It’s critical to put in time for careful research into what opportunities your new home can bring. 

However, this new chapter in your life can be an exciting change.

Nelson Markesbery, a moving and storage partner of Allied Moving in the Cincinnati area, shares our 6 top considerations when relocating with your family. 

1. What Are the Options Available for Education? 

If you have children or are planning to expand your family, the quality of education available cannot be overlooked. Before jumping into a move, consider what kind of learning environment is right for your kids. 

Some great tools for searching for the right schools include: 

When selecting the right school system for your child, consider if there are any special education resources, after-school programs, and extracurricular activities that fit their specific needs. 

Visiting potential schools in person or meeting with educators via phone can ease tension surrounding a new school and provide more valuable insight. 

2. What Job Opportunities Exist? 

Investigating the job market is a critical step in planning a move. 

Many people choose to relocate due to a new career opportunity. Before moving your family, though, 

Some questions to consider before relocating with your family include: 

  • What job opportunities does your partner or other family member have in a new place? 
  • Is your offer financially feasible?
  • Does this job align with your long-term career goals? 
  • Does your new city support your chosen industry? 
  • Can you efficiently network in this environment? 
  • Does this position offer you sufficient work-life balance? 
  • Is my new home commutable to my place of work? 

3. Is the Cost of Living Reasonable?

Especially if you’re planning a long-distance move, you’ll need to research the cost of living in your new area. 

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As you search for jobs and your new home, consider housing prices, property taxes, utility costs, and other living expenses. Ask yourself if your new community aligns with your family’s budget and if moving here will cause financial strain. 

As you look, calling local real estate agents or looking online on sites like Zillow are great tools to gain insight into the housing market. 

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Before you accept a job offer, check to make sure the amount you’re offered is enough to live comfortably at the level you and your family are used to. 

4. What is the Community Like? 

A strong sense of community can make all the difference in your family’s well-being during the transition. While you get everything for a move, take the time to research the neighborhood you plan on living in. 

To see if your new home offers amenities that support raising your family, research questions like: 

  • Can we easily access parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas? 
  • Are there nearby libraries or institutions that support education?  
  • Can we get to a hospital or healthcare provider? 
  • Are we close to a support system of family or friends? 

Keep resources that support your child in mind. A move can be tough on kids, so expect an adjustment period. 

Online forums and social media groups are a great place to start in the beginning process of moving. 

Does the Climate Fit Your Family? 

Your new area’s climate and lifestyle should align with your family’s preferences and needs. 

If you’re planning a long-distance move especially, the weather might be significantly different than what you and your family are used to. Considering weather patterns and seasonal differences is essential to discuss as your family adjusts. 

The setting of your new home also matters. For example, if your family is outdoorsy, ensure you’re located near places suitable for a hike, bike ride, or day in nature. 

Assessing how well the new location can support your family’s interests and hobbies will contribute to a more fulfilling relocation experience.

Have You Called the Right Moving Company? 

Relocating with your family is a significant decision that requires thorough research and careful planning. Keep an open line of communication with your loved ones throughout the process, and involve them in decision-making. 

With the proper preparation, relocating can be an enriching experience that brings your family closer together and opens the door to new opportunities and memories.

Once you’ve decided the right place for your family to call home, Nelson Markesbery can help. As Cincinnati’s top long-distance mover, we offer full-service moving, from the free video estimate to uncrating your items at your new place. Contact us for more information or give us a call at (859) 371-8111.

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