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Moving can be stressful whether you’re moving a few miles or a few hundred miles away. During summer months especially, the heat can make the process of moving tedious. 

However, there are some commonly overlooked benefits to moving during this season and some moving and storage tips to keep your move easy and stress-free!

When is The Best Time to Move? 

If you have a family with children, summer is ideal for moving. The break in between the school year allows for children to have more time to get acquainted with their new home and community before the strain of the school year begins. 

For most cities, the summer months also bring fairer weather. During June, July, and August, you won’t have to worry about icy road conditions or delays in transportation due to unsafe conditions. 

How to Prepare for a Move

The first step in preparing for a move is to take inventory and create a “game plan.” Consider how many large objects you’ll need to move, account for the space available in your new place, and divide your existing things by room or function to make the process more efficient. 

When you move, decluttering should also be of high priority. This process means donating, selling, or tossing objects you don’t use or need to have around. 

Getting rid of excess objects ultimately makes the moving process easier, as it’s less to carry physically, and when you unpack, you won’t need to find places to put items you will never use. 

Rent a moving truck if you plan on moving multiple heavy items, think appliances, couches, or dressers. It’s not worth the time and hassle to cram everything into a small, personal vehicle; there’s no guarantee everything will even fit. 

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 If you’re planning to rent a moving truck, it’s beneficial to know what objects you have available to choose the right vehicle size. 

When it comes to precious family heirlooms and other breakable objects, pack your boxes carefully. Using old newspapers, kitchen or bathroom towels, and other soft materials to line the box and delicate items will keep your objects safe during the move. 

Consider using a crating service to move unconventional items like vintage cars or pianos

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Crating services protect unique items too large to pack carefully and shouldn’t be jostled around during a long move. 

Finally, during the summer months especially, you may need to transport particular items in an air-conditioned space. Candles, pharmaceuticals, and liquids should be moved in a colder environment. 

Get Full Service Moving Help in Cincinnati 

Nelson Markesbery, in the Greater Cincinnati area and Northern Kentucky, helps you during each step of the moving process, from packing, storage, loading, and unloading.

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